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Stormtalons finished!

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Its been a busy few weeks for me hobby-wise, after a bit of a lull due to life and general busyness getting in the way.

Over the last few months I’ve been on a push to include some mechanised support in my Imperial Fists Read the rest of this entry »

Stormtalons Progress 2

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Painting is been slow recently, but I have some updated pics to put up of the Stormtalons current status.

I Think I’ll be done with the clean coats of these 2 soon enough, when I get time of course.

So far, all my Space Marines have a very clean look, and I eventually intend to weather them in some way although I have not decided on a method for doing so as yet.

In the meantime, I’m quite liking the look of a ‘clean’ army, as I’ve never had one before. My Orks have always been very dirty and grimy looking, which suits them well, but this change is refreshing.

Yellow Marines FTW!

Stormtalons Progress 1

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Space Marine Storm Talon 05So I’ve been working on my 2 Stormtalons the last couple of weeks.

So far, progress progress started well but has been relatively slow. Assembly went together pretty quick and relatively easily, but painting has been a slower process.

Space Marine Storm Talon 06In the pattern of my current process I assembled the whole model (minus the tech marine pilots) and began priming then applying base coats to the models.
For some reason which I now regret a little, I decided to pre-shade the models. On the 1st I used thinned GW black paint and on the second I used Vallejo grey primer over the white primer. This was a bit of an experiment to see what the effect would be especially since the black paint is so much darker than the grey primer. Next time I may attempt just using different shades of yellow to shade.
As it turned out there was not much of a difference when the base yellow went over both colours, as they both covered about the same. The Vallejo is easier to acquire and apply, as it comes in a handy airbrush-ready dropper bottle and is pre-thinned.

Space Marine Storm Talon 07As I plan on continuing to use the GW Averland Sunset yellow for my Space Marine army, I think I’ll still need to mix those regularly, as required, and leave them pre-thinned in a dropper bottle.

Imperial Fists Sternguard started

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I’ve started (more like continued) my Imperial Fists Sternguard models I started long ago.

They were half cleaned up then put back in their box, then later cleaned up some more and put in a different box. I’ve always wanted to do these models justice especially due to their veteran nature and I have been working through my normal tactical Marines instead. Read the rest of this entry »

Something a little different… Flyers!

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So with the relative conclusion of the Razorback and Rhino, I’m looking forward (Or should that be back?) at my lengthy ‘hobby backlog’.

I have a list of things including an entire army of Necrons in that list, and it got a little bit longer this week when I purchased 2 more models. Read the rest of this entry »

Rhino & Razorback complete

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So I’ve been working on my Rhino and Razorback (Or 2 Rhinos) the last few weeks.

Earlier this week I finished both models and have some pics to show.

I would say I’m pretty happy with the results.

I’m pretty happy with the magnetised and swappable rear turret on the Razorback, but I’m a little disappointed that I managed to lose one of the hatch covers.

Imperial Fists first Rhino hull airbrushed

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Well, been some progress on the Rhino and Razorback that I started last week. One of the hulls have been pre-shaded and base coated and the other has been pre-shaded.

I think the yellow base-coated one doesn’t come out so well in the pic I think as the color looks a bit odd, but still I’m happy with it as my first airbrushed models. I’m planning to start detailing it soon with a paintbrush.

Imperial Fists Rhino & Razorback interiors

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Recently I’ve been doing a lot more Warhammer hobby and the main focus of my hobby attentions have been on my Imperial Fist Space Marine army.
So far I’ve finished much of the tactical marine squads that I have already (I plan to convert the Dark Vengeance Box set into more Imperial Fists) and now I’ve started moving onto vehicles.

Vehicles in 40k have always been a sticking point for me because I’ve never felt that I do them really well by hand.

As an Ork player, of course I’ve gotten good at painting troops but vehicles have always seemed somewhat daunting to me, mostly because of the large flat areas that I would need to paint. I did successfully paint 3 Battewagons and 2 trukks for my Orks, but Ork vehicles have that ramshackle look to them which allows for very few large flat neat areas.

And so it is that upon purchasing my airbrush, I’ve been busy this entire week and have been unable to get any hobby done. Today, I had some time and decided to continue with a Rhino and Razorback that I primed a few months ago using a can of Army Painter Desert Yellow.

As for the Army Painter cans, I’ve had mixed results, some models coming out great, others looking terrible. For example, I used a can of Army Painter Plate Metal on the Dreadknight I did a while ago, which came out great, and I’ve used that color of Army Painter again and had consistently good results. The Yellow on the other hand has an annoying tendency to lay down too thick and obscure detail on the model, making some of my marines look terrible but still paintable. Results of the Desert Yellow are also quite unpredictable, even in identical conditions.

To say the least, I’m glad to be past it, and using an airbrush instead.

So, what have I done recently?
The tactical squads, a Terminator Squad, Captain and a couple of Melta guys (Gotta have Melta).

As for these Rhinos, I’ve primed them to the best I could get with Army Painter, and today I used my Airbrush to coat the interior of a rhino and I detailed the rest using a brush. All it needs is some a little drybrush and a wash and will be ready to go I think.

Of course, I also need to paint the outside as well…

Purchased an Airbrush – Happy times ahead

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As the title suggests, I have purchased an airbrush and compressor set.

I’ll go through what I’ve purchased, but first I want to go through my reasons for purchasing this.

My Reasons

There are a couple of reasons why I wanted an airbrush for miniature painting, and it is my belief that this is a great investment.

Firstly, I absolutely despise basecoating models using cans outside.
Where I live I dont have a whole lot of outside room and it gets quite windy regularly and unexpectedly, so its a test of my patience to shield from the wing and spray when I think its safe. It also feels like a chore to get a cardboard box ready and prepare it outside, and takes a while to dry and is quite bad smelling.

Next, I’ve tried to make the experience of spraying better by using different brands of spray paint, from GW’s benchmark spray to Army Painter which is very unpredictable and a few others. I feel that I’ve wasted a lot of money doing this as some of the models and finishes have left me very dissapointed in how heavy they go on, messing up all the detail on the models. I’ve spent hours upon hors looking at forums and guides on how to spray correctly and avoid the issues encountered, but I see that so many others have had similar experiences that its disheartened me.

Lastly, I want to achieve a better finish and do it quickly. This is the main reason that I went with sprays to begin with, and why I eventually went to using sprays of varying color. I’d like to establish good even and thin coats quickly and in comfort. Sprays did not deliver this, and cost a lot as a result.

So in conclusion, I’m happy that I purchased this, and feel that I’ll be learning a cool new skill by using an airbrush also.

What I bought
I did lots of research and decided to purchase from this seller:

It was a bit more expensive than other sellers but I discovered its from a real proper Airbrush specialist with a website store called Airbrush Supply Online, so I also ordered a bunch of other things from the same seller which reduced my postage (Shipping to Netherlands). I had a good think and when reading advice from professionals, it was advised that if you’re seriously considering getting into airbrushing, even on a budget, consider seriously that you may need to buy more than just the compressor and airbrush, such as cleaner and thinner (If you don’t want to use water). I purchased these things at once too.

I also emailed them for more details about the Amazon link above, because it was vague as to what was being supplied, and these are the models of compressor and airbrushes that come in the link above. They also responded promptly and with accurate information.

Compressor: AS-186

Airbrush 1: HS-35 (Gravity feed)

Airbrush 2: HS-28 (Bottom feed)

Lastly, I decided I wanted something extra fine as an airbrush once my skills develop a little.
From the same seller I purchased the HS-80 airbrush, which is apparently a straight clone of a £300+ Iwata:

So all in, this kit will set me back ~£120 not including extras I ordered.

Lastly, look what arrived today:


Now if I can actually get some time to get home and try this I’ll be happy.

Hopefully, more to come.

Grey Knights Dreadknight – Complete

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Well, I actually (nearly) finished this a while ago, but I kept meaning to put an update here showing the finished model.

It’s still not quite 100% but good enough for now. I got to the latest stage back in September, and still have it mounted on my desk at work, since I don’t have a Grey Knights army to go with it and its really because I just wanted to finish it.

Anyhow, it was an interesting paint for me, as I tried to get the characteristic ‘Silver-Blue Metal’ look of the Grey Knights by using washes and drybrushing.

In the back of my mind, I’d like to have a small Grey Knight contingent to back up my Imperial Fists using the 6th Edition Ally rules. Just a couple of squads of Terminators, Draigo and the Dreadknight would do it I think.

I think I like that idea, and will hopefully come back to it later, but for now it’s all about finishing my Imperial Fists and then starting Necrons.