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Games Day 2013

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So it was Games Day UK a week or so ago. I went, saw and had fun.

It was a different affair this year, best described as ‘smaller’ but I felt it was better for it. Read the rest of this entry »


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After painting up my 5 (Of 15, soon to be 20) Assault Marines, I’m waiting to get a box of Vanguard Veterans to make a complete Assault set, but I thought I’d try something different before doing more.

So next up to be included in my mighty Imperial Fist army are 2 Dreadnoughts that I’ve had for a little while. The first is an old Black Reach Dread that has been sitting lonely looking very sad for a very long time, and the second is a newer Venerable Dreadnought that I’ve had for a few months still boxed up.

So I’ve already got them out and glued most of the bits together.
For this model I’ve watched and rewatched the airbrushed Dread tutorial by BuyPainted on YouTube, which is very good.

I’m planning to magnetise these babies and see how well that works…

Assault units – First few already nearly done

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Space Marine Codex 2013 is mine!As mentioned in my one of my last hobby posts, I’ve been getting pretty excited about Jump Pack Assault Marines lately…

This could be because the new Space Marine Codex is been released, but really this is been long overdue as this particular unit of 10 Assault Marines have been sitting on my desk for nearly a year… Shameful, I know.

Still, lately I’ve had a renewed lease for painting thanks to some fun new people I’ve gotten involved with who also play Warhammer 40,000.

I’ve been getting involved with a gaming group in Den Haag recently called ‘The Lodge’ and they seem like a nice bunch of guys who get together once a week.

The club is run by a couple of Dutch guys and they seem chilled and enjoy playing any and all games including 40k, and they seem to have a long-standing and loyal following (which is always a good sign).

When I visited I was greeted warmly and spectated a few different games that were ongoing (Magic The Gathering and 2 separate games of Tie Fighter).

Anyhow, back to the models.
These guys still need a lot of work, but they’re coming along:

Now that I have an airbrush its a huge step forward and above the Army Painter sprays.

Space Marine Assault Marines 05As for these Assault Marines, I’ve not been very happy with their beginnings due to the fact that I used Army Painter Desert Yellow spray on them with disastrous results. The models lost a whole bunch of detail and I’ve been very displeased with how they came out and focused my hobby elsewhere…

At this point, I’ve decided to just get on with it, as I dont think I want to try stripping them (I’ve read Army Painter doesn’t strip well and leaves a mess) but I still might try a single model and see how I get on… But I’ve painted up almost 5 models out of 10 and I think they have come out very well.


Also this week a built my first few Vanguard Veterans, which I intend to chop up a little before I finalise them, and make them look a little more ‘Veteran’ (In other words, bling them up in the way 40k Veterans are). Here they are as is for the moment:

I’m going to buy some extra jump packs and I think I will magnetise the packs so I can swap out normal backpacks too. I doubt I’ll mess with magnets for the weapons on these guys, but maybe 1 or 2, using lignight claws or such.

I’ll have to see…

Stormtalons finished!

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Its been a busy few weeks for me hobby-wise, after a bit of a lull due to life and general busyness getting in the way.

Over the last few months I’ve been on a push to include some mechanised support in my Imperial Fists Read the rest of this entry »

Stormtalons Progress 2

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Painting is been slow recently, but I have some updated pics to put up of the Stormtalons current status.

I Think I’ll be done with the clean coats of these 2 soon enough, when I get time of course.

So far, all my Space Marines have a very clean look, and I eventually intend to weather them in some way although I have not decided on a method for doing so as yet.

In the meantime, I’m quite liking the look of a ‘clean’ army, as I’ve never had one before. My Orks have always been very dirty and grimy looking, which suits them well, but this change is refreshing.

Yellow Marines FTW!

Stormtalons Progress 1

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Space Marine Storm Talon 05So I’ve been working on my 2 Stormtalons the last couple of weeks.

So far, progress progress started well but has been relatively slow. Assembly went together pretty quick and relatively easily, but painting has been a slower process.

Space Marine Storm Talon 06In the pattern of my current process I assembled the whole model (minus the tech marine pilots) and began priming then applying base coats to the models.
For some reason which I now regret a little, I decided to pre-shade the models. On the 1st I used thinned GW black paint and on the second I used Vallejo grey primer over the white primer. This was a bit of an experiment to see what the effect would be especially since the black paint is so much darker than the grey primer. Next time I may attempt just using different shades of yellow to shade.
As it turned out there was not much of a difference when the base yellow went over both colours, as they both covered about the same. The Vallejo is easier to acquire and apply, as it comes in a handy airbrush-ready dropper bottle and is pre-thinned.

Space Marine Storm Talon 07As I plan on continuing to use the GW Averland Sunset yellow for my Space Marine army, I think I’ll still need to mix those regularly, as required, and leave them pre-thinned in a dropper bottle.

Imperial Fists Sternguard started

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I’ve started (more like continued) my Imperial Fists Sternguard models I started long ago.

They were half cleaned up then put back in their box, then later cleaned up some more and put in a different box. I’ve always wanted to do these models justice especially due to their veteran nature and I have been working through my normal tactical Marines instead. Read the rest of this entry »