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Grey Knights Dreadknight – WIP update 4

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Some progress pics of the Dreadknight.

Have not been able to work on it so much this week, but here it is.

I was also not happy with the paint job on the top half, so I completely stripped it back to the plastic and started again Read the rest of this entry »

Grey Knights Dreadknight – WIP update 3

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Well, I did a bit more on the Nemesis Dreadknight have have now got the chance to update with some pictures.

I’ve separated the model into a few pieces and basecoated the with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal (The pics show the bits of sprue I glued to the various parts to make spraying a little easier).
I’ve also painted some of the darker metal (I used Boltgun Metal paint, and Leadbelcher on other parts) as well as a few of the metal parts, which was a bit more of a detail exercise as to not get red paint on unintended parts. Well, a mistakes were made but that’s how it goes…

Anyhow, I’m quite happy with the results so far and I think its shaping up well. After I’m done with this, Imperial Fists, Necrons, the masses of Orks still left to paint, New Boxed set and then some of the other random models I have (Recently purchased some Reaper Minis that I thought looked cool) then I might get around to creating a Grey Knight contingent for my Fists.

For now though, next I’m considering how to achieve a nice effect on the large amounts of flat plate metal…

Grey Knights Dreadknight – WIP update 2

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Just a quick update showing the progress of the Nemesis Dreadknight that I’ve been working on.
Had a chance to spend a bit more time on it yesterday and it’s now been basecoated, so I will need to update this with a  more recent pic later.

In the first pic though, it is mostly assembled (Missing the pilot head as I’m painting that separately) and ready for the basecoat.
You might note that it has a silvery tint to it already… This is a coat that was already applied to it when I got it from my friend. I would have worked with this already, but it is a bit uneven and has a sticky quality to it, making my fingerprints show up after I’m holding it (Quite irritating).

I’ve also gone back to basic and removed some (Not all) of the mould lines, as well as some of the sprue remnants with a hobby knife. This took some time as there is a lot of parts to this model.
I’m planning to basecoat it with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal and work up from there. I’ve used Army Painter before, namely for my Imperial Fists, but never used the Plate Mail Metal. I’ve read that it’s like the old Mithril Silver Citadel paint, but I’m going to see…

More to come.

Knightly WIP pic

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Well, thought I’d upload a pic of something I’ve started work on.

It’s parts from a model that was given to me by a friend some ago and I’ve just got around to assembling it to paint.

Also, I got confirmation today that my starter set is being shipped out. Nice.



New Warhammer 40k 2012 box set!

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New 40k Box set goodness!
Well, the new Limited Edition box set for Warhammer 40k was officially announced by Games Workshop on Saturday 25/8/2012, and features Dark Angels Space Marines versus Chaos Space Marines. It’s officially named ‘Dark Vengeance’, following on from the previous names of the other box sets, the last two being ‘Assault on Black Reach‘ (Space Marines vs. Orks) and ‘Battle for Macragge‘ (Space Marines vs. Tyranids).

Now, something that I have been wondering about, is the matchup between Marines and Marines. Personally, I think this combination is potentially quite boring, but I think GW have attempted to shake things up a little. Firstly, the Chaos side only has only 6 ‘Chosen’ Chaos Marines in it, filling the rest with 20 cultists, a Lord and a Helbrute (Chaos Dreadnoughts are now Helbrutes). The Helbrute looks awesome, as followed by the Chosen and Lord then the rest.
By the rest, I mean the Dark Angels force…

Box set Helbrute - My Favorite!For the Marines half you get 10 Space Marines as standard which look much better than the previous box set Marines, a Company Master to lead the army, 5 nicely dynamic terminators, a Librarian and a Ravenwing bike squadron of 3. Specifically in the Limited Edition set you also get Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, a special character, which I’m not yet sure is Dark Angels specific or not.

My issues with the box set
Now I’ll tell this right away, I’m not impressed with the Dark Angels force, and I’ll say why.
In my opinion, a box set (At least going by all previous box sets) is really about providing beginners with the choice to make a Space Marine army, and something else which varied. As such Space Marines have always been the poster child of GW (Of those, mainly the Ultramarines) and this is fine because it makes them recognizable, however, they have always been easily made into another chapter of Space Marines. In this box set there is a lot of Dark Angel specific molding of the models themselves, which is all pretty and all, but is disappointing because I don’t have a desire to collect Dark Angels specifically. This is a problem for me, and is part of a bigger issue in my mind: The box set is no longer generic enough to be any chapter of Space Marines.

Now why is this so important? Well, because I think all beginners will now end up with 2 extremely specific forces, rather than a generic force and one specific force. They are still Space Marines, of course, but they are no longer the Marines that you chose… They are Dark Angels, unless you wish to modify them by literally hacking off the Dark Angels iconography, which I would not buy them to do. Also, I think beginners are a lot more likely to just go with what is in the box set before branching out or physically modifying the contents. This, to me is a bit of a step backwards on the part of Games Workshop, because remember this box set has to last at least until the next set of rules is released, probably in 5-6 years from now. In that time there will be an awful lot of Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines armies popping up.

I personally have not decided if I will keep the Dark Angel bits but that half of the box, to be fair, is still quite a lot of nice stuff.

Below is a YouTube video regarding the new Box set, but please check the GW site for more on that.

40k Hobby Update – with pics

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It’s been a little while since I posted on here regarding my painting endeavors… There’s been a lot going on, since my last WIP update, like moving to the Netherlands, starting a new job and generally restructuring my entire life.

So I wanted to post a little update showing what I’ve been working on.
Recently I had the idea that I wanted to paint some models, just for the hobby of it, with the intention of placing them on the desk of my new Dutch workplace. I had some trouble thinking of a theme, so I settled on the idea of having one character from each army that I collect. These armies are of course Orks, Space Marines, Necrons and soon to be Chaos Space Marines (As I’m getting the new box set, more on that later).

So, about these 2 models I’ve been working on…
I’ve been really busy the last few months so I’ve not had a lot of time for hobby, but I thought I’d ease myself back into it and try some new techniques on 2 models, this time specifically to go on my desk. I have plans to do a 3rd, being a necron of some kind, but for the moment, these 2 will be it. In the first pic, you can see both models, being a Imperial Fist Space Marine Company Champion and an Ork Nob with Big Choppa. I added a euro because some people have asked me what the size of the models I paint are, so it’s just there for scale. The other 2 pics are just close-ups of the models. Things to highlight are that I’m making a lot more effort with my basing this time, being the rock and Citadel tufts on the Champions base. This is also the decided hue of the basing for the rest of my Fists army. I like the blue tone, which was very easy to achieve (Major plus). With the Nob, I spent a lot of time on the skin tones as that’s something I’ve always struggled with on my Orks.
I’ve always been a quick and dirty painter, contenting myself that they look good as a group, but not so great individually. This is something I actively try to change, because I’m also a painting perfectionist and very critical of my own work, which I feel also drives me to improve with each model and ‘failure’. I very happy with the the rusty effects on the Nobs armour and Big Choppa, this was kind of an experiment to see how it would turn out. I think the model looks great, even though I think it doesn’t look great in the pics (Taken with my phone late at night under my painting lamp. Not ideal lighting).

Now, what was that tasty bit about the new box set, and something about Chaos Space Marines?

I’m adding another post about that specifically, because I tried to fit it in here but ended up waffling on a bit…

That will be up soon…

The wings of change…

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Well, it’s been a little while (a month) since I’ve updated my blog and I’ve been very busy in that time. I’m not sure where to start but, to say the least, there’s been a lot of change in my personal life.

At the moment, I’m making my preparations to move to the Netherlands, which is taking up a lot of my time (And even more of my money). Why Holland? That’s a long story but the short answer is that it’s nice there.

Otherwise I’ve been doing quite a bit of 40k painting and I’ve even started another army: Necrons, as well as bolstering my neglected Imperial Fist Space Marines. And of course there’s my Orks. There’s a lot of work in progress stuff in that hobby at the moment, and in recent weeks I’ve just not had time to get much of it done.

Also on the 40k side of things, the new Warhammer 40,000 rulebook has been released last week. This is huge for 40k fans and signals a lot of changes for the game system. Are these changes good or bad? Honestly, I would say good (mostly), while I wait for the dust to settle.
Of course, there are some parts of the rules where I did myself say “WTF!” but, again, mostly good and in the right places thankfully. More on that later…

Did I purchase the £45 rulebook? Why yes I did, and I even got the £75 ‘Gamers Edition’ collectors set which included a set of limited edition (different color) dice and a (pleather) satchel which I actually quite like and have been using daily.

Is it worth it? Meh, I dunno, probably not but I’m happy with it and I think that’s the important part.


So I’m definitely planning to add more 40k WIP stuff and useful articles.
bye for now.

Warhammer Historical quietly dies (Nobody notices)

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Now, I dont collect Warhammer Historical, but every once in a while I check the page and have a peruse. Read the rest of this entry »

WIP Painting – Battlewagon Update 1

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Well, its been slow going with the Wagons.

A lot of stuff is gotten in the way life-wise, but I wanted to put an update up.


The search for the ultimate hobby cutter!

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I’ve developed a bit of a problem one with Games Workshops tools: The sprue cutter.

I find it to be a somewhat inprecise and messy tool that, while ideal for most hobbyists from beginners onward, is not ideal for more experienced painters.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting myself firmly into the category of ‘experienced painter’ at all, but I can honestly say that people have told me I’m ‘good’, which is good enough for me.

The last few weeks I’ve spent more than a reasonable amount of time looking at cutters as I’ve become frustrated with the results of my trusty GW cutter. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I want better, and I feel that Read the rest of this entry »