Stormtalons Progress 1

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Space Marine Storm Talon 05So I’ve been working on my 2 Stormtalons the last couple of weeks.

So far, progress progress started well but has been relatively slow. Assembly went together pretty quick and relatively easily, but painting has been a slower process.

Space Marine Storm Talon 06In the pattern of my current process I assembled the whole model (minus the tech marine pilots) and began priming then applying base coats to the models.
For some reason which I now regret a little, I decided to pre-shade the models. On the 1st I used thinned GW black paint and on the second I used Vallejo grey primer over the white primer. This was a bit of an experiment to see what the effect would be especially since the black paint is so much darker than the grey primer. Next time I may attempt just using different shades of yellow to shade.
As it turned out there was not much of a difference when the base yellow went over both colours, as they both covered about the same. The Vallejo is easier to acquire and apply, as it comes in a handy airbrush-ready dropper bottle and is pre-thinned.

Space Marine Storm Talon 07As I plan on continuing to use the GW Averland Sunset yellow for my Space Marine army, I think I’ll still need to mix those regularly, as required, and leave them pre-thinned in a dropper bottle.

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