Strangers can be friends too

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Recently stumbled upon something nice on YouTube.

New Year 2014

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Well, it’s 2014. Somehow I’m surprised at this, as it seems to have caught up to me unawares like I wasn’t paying for attention.

I’m taking the new year opportunity to look at how well (or not) I’ve done this year. It’s 2013 in review. Read the rest of this entry »

Enhanced commenting!

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As part of my never-ending effort to improve this blog, the commenting system has been overhauled!

You can now comment using an account made on this very blog, or you can choose to use your credentials from Facebook, Twitter or WordPress.com!

This of course implies that I don’t store any details of your account, as its federated authentication (So Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress keep your logins and my site doesn’t see anything).


So if you’re just passing by, why not give it a try!

Fixed blog login issues

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Its been brought to my attention that there have been some issues using the login mechanism on this blog among a few other graphical oddities like the comments box in articles showing strangely.

I think some of this was because I put in some more anti-spam precautions into this blog, but this appears to have recently started preventing legitimate comments.

I believe these are now resolved, so enjoy!

Bye bye spam – CAPTCHA code implemented!

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Due to the very annoying amounts of spam posts I’m receiving on this blog, I’ve implemented a captcha tool, courtesy of sweetcaptcha.com.

It’s an interesting problem, because I personally find captcha forms annoying for the most part, and wanted something quick and easy that doesnt get in the way…

Sweetcaptcha.com‘s solution seems just that. We’ll see how it goes.

Lack of updates!

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Unfortunately I’ve had a distinct lack of updates recently.

This has been due to a few reasons, mostly because I’ve had to move home (again) causing much upset to my routines and life. In my new place I also have no internet, and have been considering my previous ‘methods’ of gaining internet access from others nearby. I’ve also started a new job in London (3 Months now) which is going well. Things have been very up in the air over the last few months, and they are now settling.

But now I’m back, and the site now has Live Twitter updates, so you can subscribe to the FollowKMan Twitter feed here and get live updates on new posts! How good is that?

The first order of business is to get my Building a Media Center series back under way and ultimately finished.
I’ve published the first part and will continue with more updates before long. If you have any thoughts, please post a comment and let me know. I will update the articles with any prudent information so have your say and it will show up!