Warhammer 40k

Incoming Stompa!

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Ork Stompa 01I started working on an old Ork Stompa that I have had for quite a while.
The model itself I got half-painted and half assembled about 2 years ago and it has sat collecting dust since then.

So, with a burst of activity, and to provide some welcome break from my Imperial Fists now my Dreadnoughts are quite done, I’ve begun to focus on more things again to make way for newer releases. Read the rest of this entry »

Imperial Fist Dreadnought progress 3

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Its been pretty quiet on the hobby front recently, with a few flurries of activity. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghazghkull gets ready for Waaagh

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Ghazzy 01In my recent post about the hobby work I did on my group of Warbosses, lined up in the collection was of course… Ghazghkull.

I actually finished painting him up a few weeks ago, and I’m pleased with the effort I put into him. I was going to post more progress on him but I’ve been very busy recently and so have only just got around to it, while sporadically working on the model.

Ghazzy 02I had some trouble with this model, due to a bad Finecast mould. Read the rest of this entry »

Warbosses and Dreadnoughts!

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I wrote recently about the work I’ve been doing on my band of Warbosses and in particular my Black Reach Warboss, ‘Das Klaw’, who once again outdid himself to earn the hatred of his foes. He earned a paintjob worthy of a Boss. Read the rest of this entry »

Imperial Fist Dreadnought progress 2

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Slow progress with the pair of Dreadnoughts continues at my usual glacial pace.

I’ve since begun with painting, using my airbrush to get a nice even coat across both models and beginning with base detailing. So far its just Dark Metal and some Leadbelcher to pick up the metal bits before doing the other base colours. Other bits to pick out will be the purity seals, scrolls, skulls and lenses. Read the rest of this entry »

Imperial Fist Dreadnought progress 1

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I’ve been a bit busy recently and have even been a little bit ill for a week, but over the past few weeks I put in a couple of evening hours for the hobby cause.

The Dreads have been magnetised with 3mm magnets to provide them with swappable weapon options, and I usually try to get magnet shenanigans complete before getting into the painting stage. Read the rest of this entry »

Warboss ‘Das Klaw’ – Monsters need love too

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Warboss Das Klaw 01

Last week was a busy gaming week for me. Sunday was the annual UK Games Day, of course, I played a total of 3 games of 40k in 1 week and had loads of fun doing it!

2 of the 3 games were against a Sisters of Battle army that came all the way from Scotland to grace me with their brutal presence. The other was against a regular adversary of scary Tyranids which appear to get more difficult each time I play them.

To say the least, I learned that Sisters of Battle are pretty tough and have an odd angle within the meta of 40k. They are relatively squishy when compared to Orks but pack a mean punch with lots of fast and maneuverable units packing bolters and flamers in abundance. Read the rest of this entry »