Imperial Fists Rhino & Razorback interiors

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Recently I’ve been doing a lot more Warhammer hobby and the main focus of my hobby attentions have been on my Imperial Fist Space Marine army.
So far I’ve finished much of the tactical marine squads that I have already (I plan to convert the Dark Vengeance Box set into more Imperial Fists) and now I’ve started moving onto vehicles.

Vehicles in 40k have always been a sticking point for me because I’ve never felt that I do them really well by hand.

As an Ork player, of course I’ve gotten good at painting troops but vehicles have always seemed somewhat daunting to me, mostly because of the large flat areas that I would need to paint. I did successfully paint 3 Battewagons and 2 trukks for my Orks, but Ork vehicles have that ramshackle look to them which allows for very few large flat neat areas.

And so it is that upon purchasing my airbrush, I’ve been busy this entire week and have been unable to get any hobby done. Today, I had some time and decided to continue with a Rhino and Razorback that I primed a few months ago using a can of Army Painter Desert Yellow.

As for the Army Painter cans, I’ve had mixed results, some models coming out great, others looking terrible. For example, I used a can of Army Painter Plate Metal on the Dreadknight I did a while ago, which came out great, and I’ve used that color of Army Painter again and had consistently good results. The Yellow on the other hand has an annoying tendency to lay down too thick and obscure detail on the model, making some of my marines look terrible but still paintable. Results of the Desert Yellow are also quite unpredictable, even in identical conditions.

To say the least, I’m glad to be past it, and using an airbrush instead.

So, what have I done recently?
The tactical squads, a Terminator Squad, Captain and a couple of Melta guys (Gotta have Melta).

As for these Rhinos, I’ve primed them to the best I could get with Army Painter, and today I used my Airbrush to coat the interior of a rhino and I detailed the rest using a brush. All it needs is some a little drybrush and a wash and will be ready to go I think.

Of course, I also need to paint the outside as well…

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