Grey Knights Dreadknight – Complete

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Well, I actually (nearly) finished this a while ago, but I kept meaning to put an update here showing the finished model.

It’s still not quite 100% but good enough for now. I got to the latest stage back in September, and still have it mounted on my desk at work, since I don’t have a Grey Knights army to go with it and its really because I just wanted to finish it.

Anyhow, it was an interesting paint for me, as I tried to get the characteristic ‘Silver-Blue Metal’ look of the Grey Knights by using washes and drybrushing.

In the back of my mind, I’d like to have a small Grey Knight contingent to back up my Imperial Fists using the 6th Edition Ally rules. Just a couple of squads of Terminators, Draigo and the Dreadknight would do it I think.

I think I like that idea, and will hopefully come back to it later, but for now it’s all about finishing my Imperial Fists and then starting Necrons.

One thought on “Grey Knights Dreadknight – Complete

    […] out great, others looking terrible. For example, I used a can of Army Painter Plate Metal on the Dreadknight I did a while ago, which came out great, and I’ve used that color of Army Painter again and […]


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