Stormtalons finished!

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Its been a busy few weeks for me hobby-wise, after a bit of a lull due to life and general busyness getting in the way.

Over the last few months I’ve been on a push to include some mechanised support in my Imperial Fists before moving on to the infantry again, and to this end I still have to begin my Stormraven and Land Raider. In the future I would also like to include a Predator and/or Vindicator, then lastly maybe some anti-air with a Stalker/Hunter kit.

Anyhow, I’ve (very nearly) finished my Stormtalons, after they have sat patiently awaiting my attentions for some time:

At this point the only parts of these particular models that need real attention are the bases (I’ve still not REALLY decided on the bases for this army yet) and the canopy/glass edging.

As it is though, I’m pretty satisfied and they look pretty good in the cabinet.

As for these models, I do want to varnish these 2, so I think I may tape over the canopy and spray the model as not to spray inside the cockpit. When I will do that is undetermined, but I have my airbrush varnish ready.

Next up, I’ve been getting pretty excited recently about Assault units with Jump Packs.
More to come…

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