Too funny…

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Random hilariousness on YouTube… Read the rest of this entry »

Random meme, made me laugh…

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Randomly saw this today.
You 40k players will know what I’m talking about… (Everyone else, read this┬áif you want to know)

Gotta love memegenerator.


Parody advert that made me laugh…

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Today, I was browsing YouTube between doing some work and an un-skippable advert displayed before my requested video.
Now, normally I dislike un-skippable adverts before videos, but I can understand their necessity.

Anyway, this video (advert) not only made me sit up, pay attention and laugh, but I then completely forgot about what I originally wanted to see and went on a search to find this video and the product it was advertising! The product in question is the ‘Orabrush’, which apparently is ‘the world’s best tongue cleaner‘ capable of going a long way to preventing bad breath (Not a bad thing for a lot of people).

Marketers, take note!

The Orabrush:

And for those that may not see the parody:

Where’s the ‘ANY’ key?

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Yesterday I saw this funny cartoon, and followed the link to see more.
As it turns out this is a site, sponsored by Microsoft of all companies, trying to find and illustrate the best and worst ‘I.T. fails’.

It certainly made me chuckle:

More at Where’s the ‘Any’ key.