About Me

My name is Kareem, known to some as KMan.

I’m an Engineer of IT Systems, Computer Networking, Cloud Computing and Software Continuous Deployment. This is currently commonly known as a ‘DevOps’ Engineer, but could be ‘Site Reliability Engineer’ (SRE), ‘System Administrator’ (SysAdmin), ‘IT Coordinator’ or ‘Operations Engineer’. It is a title that has changed over time, and seems to still evolve.

I currently living in Voorburg (Netherlands aka Holland), moved here from Staines in the UK. I was born in Trinidad (West Indies). I enjoy many common contemporary pastimes including PC and console gaming, cooking, home automation, system building, home media center building, and playing Warhammer 40k with my group of friends.

A problem I’ve had in the past is that I’ve had a few too many distractions/hobbies and I found that I was losing interest in some of them because I was just involved in so many things, so recently I spent some time whittling down my hobbies to a core few. So I created this blog to focus those distractions to a few, and share so that someone else might benefit also.

The exact purpose of this site I’m still not exactly sure about. This is my first ever ‘blog’, so I’m still yet to work out exactly what purpose this site will play. It’s started off as a place for me to gather news, links and other bits into one place, but I guess over time it will evolve.

If you find something useful in here, why not leave a comment. I try to respond.

I’m contactable:
Site: https://www.kareemstraker.com (Links to my socials here)
Email: ‘kareem (at) followkman.com’

Lastly, remember to give your own SysAdmin a hug occasionally.
It will mean a lot to them.

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