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After painting up my 5 (Of 15, soon to be 20) Assault Marines, I’m waiting to get a box of Vanguard Veterans to make a complete Assault set, but I thought I’d try something different before doing more.

So next up to be included in my mighty Imperial Fist army are 2 Dreadnoughts that I’ve had for a little while. The first is an old Black Reach Dread that has been sitting lonely looking very sad for a very long time, and the second is a newer Venerable Dreadnought that I’ve had for a few months still boxed up.

So I’ve already got them out and glued most of the bits together.
For this model I’ve watched and rewatched the airbrushed Dread tutorial by BuyPainted on YouTube, which is very good.

I’m planning to magnetise these babies and see how well that works…

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