Incoming Stompa!

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Ork Stompa 01I started working on an old Ork Stompa that I have had for quite a while.
The model itself I got half-painted and half assembled about 2 years ago and it has sat collecting dust since then.

So, with a burst of activity, and to provide some welcome break from my Imperial Fists now my Dreadnoughts are quite done, I’ve begun to focus on more things again to make way for newer releases.

I’ve also purchased a new model this week, the Imperial Knight Titan from Games Workshop, quite simply because its so cool that I could not really resist. It also looks like such a cool and fun model to build that I cant wait to get started on it.

Ork Stompa 02It has also once again reminded me how behind I am with my hobby painting, so I’ve put some effort into getting something similarly large closer to completion.

Still, the pictures here of the Stompa are after I’ve completed assembling quite a lot. I’ve also magnetised the arms and back smoke stacks so that I can remove these for transport. I expect I’ll still glue the feet on as normal once they are painted.

As it is, I’m planning to finish the glueing before I spray the whole thing black and paint it up again. I’m thinking a Deff Skullz theme of blue and maybe some red and silver in places, to try and get a general scavenged and broken-looking model. My airbrush will definitely be useful here for large areas.

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