Warboss ‘Das Klaw’ – Monsters need love too

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Warboss Das Klaw 01

Last week was a busy gaming week for me. Sunday was the annual UK Games Day, of course, I played a total of 3 games of 40k in 1 week and had loads of fun doing it!

2 of the 3 games were against a Sisters of Battle army that came all the way from Scotland to grace me with their brutal presence. The other was against a regular adversary of scary Tyranids which appear to get more difficult each time I play them.

To say the least, I learned that Sisters of Battle are pretty tough and have an odd angle within the meta of 40k. They are relatively squishy when compared to Orks but pack a mean punch with lots of fast and maneuverable units packing bolters and flamers in abundance.

During my second game against the Sisters, my Black Reach Warboss came into his own once again by single-handedly carving a bloody path through the enemy and winning me the game. He was nearly the only one left at that point too.

He managed to win 3 challenges in a row, win combat on his lonesome, chase down the enemy and murder the rest as they attempted to flee.

Warboss Das Klaw 03It was so impressive that he was dubbed ‘Das Klaw’ in remembrance of his escapade. It almost overshadows the fact that he stood around picking his nose for most of the game while his entire army died around him.

So this past weekend I’ve decided to put my half-finished Dreadnoughts down and put some effort into painting my Orks a little more, paying particular attention to the small group of Warbosses in my collection. They deserve it.

I use my BR Warboss regularly in nearly every game, but I’ve never really finished painting him. I also have a metal Meganob that I stripped a while back with the intention of using him as a Mega-armoured Warboss. Then there is my other metal Warboss with the Attack Squig on his arm, which I’m still cosidering cutting off and replacing with a Power Klaw.

Bosses love Klaws.

More to come on this…

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