Ghazghkull gets ready for Waaagh

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Ghazzy 01In my recent post about the hobby work I did on my group of Warbosses, lined up in the collection was of course… Ghazghkull.

I actually finished painting him up a few weeks ago, and I’m pleased with the effort I put into him. I was going to post more progress on him but I’ve been very busy recently and so have only just got around to it, while sporadically working on the model.

Ghazzy 02I had some trouble with this model, due to a bad Finecast mould. In particular the Bosspole on his back was warped, and even though I considered warm-bending it back, I think it would eventually bend back and would be very annoying to deal with on a painted model.

With that in mind, I replaced the bar of the Bosspole with a piece of sprue that I shaved down and applied a magnet to it, making it easily detachable for transportation purposes.

Painting this model was a lot of fun too, and a little tricky, but rewarding. I think I managed a good effect on the abundance of wiring all over the model. You do have to use your imagination a bit to figure out where the wires would run to make the colours consistent.

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