Assault units – First few already nearly done

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Space Marine Codex 2013 is mine!As mentioned in my one of my last hobby posts, I’ve been getting pretty excited about Jump Pack Assault Marines lately…

This could be because the new Space Marine Codex is been released, but really this is been long overdue as this particular unit of 10 Assault Marines have been sitting on my desk for nearly a year… Shameful, I know.

Still, lately I’ve had a renewed lease for painting thanks to some fun new people I’ve gotten involved with who also play Warhammer 40,000.

I’ve been getting involved with a gaming group in Den Haag recently called ‘The Lodge’ and they seem like a nice bunch of guys who get together once a week.

The club is run by a couple of Dutch guys and they seem chilled and enjoy playing any and all games including 40k, and they seem to have a long-standing and loyal following (which is always a good sign).

When I visited I was greeted warmly and spectated a few different games that were ongoing (Magic The Gathering and 2 separate games of Tie Fighter).

Anyhow, back to the models.
These guys still need a lot of work, but they’re coming along:

Now that I have an airbrush its a huge step forward and above the Army Painter sprays.

Space Marine Assault Marines 05As for these Assault Marines, I’ve not been very happy with their beginnings due to the fact that I used Army Painter Desert Yellow spray on them with disastrous results. The models lost a whole bunch of detail and I’ve been very displeased with how they came out and focused my hobby elsewhere…

At this point, I’ve decided to just get on with it, as I dont think I want to try stripping them (I’ve read Army Painter doesn’t strip well and leaves a mess) but I still might try a single model and see how I get on… But I’ve painted up almost 5 models out of 10 and I think they have come out very well.


Also this week a built my first few Vanguard Veterans, which I intend to chop up a little before I finalise them, and make them look a little more ‘Veteran’ (In other words, bling them up in the way 40k Veterans are). Here they are as is for the moment:

I’m going to buy some extra jump packs and I think I will magnetise the packs so I can swap out normal backpacks too. I doubt I’ll mess with magnets for the weapons on these guys, but maybe 1 or 2, using lignight claws or such.

I’ll have to see…

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