Grey Knights Dreadknight – WIP update 4

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Some progress pics of the Dreadknight.

Have not been able to work on it so much this week, but here it is.

I was also not happy with the paint job on the top half, so I completely stripped it back to the plastic and started again, which was a learning experience.

One bonus to this is that I learned a lot about stripping paint from models and intend to do some more tests, seeing as my test models and the Dreadknight came out great.

Lastly, I’ve stuck the legs down, done some more detailing and highlighting and did a lot of work to achieve a ‘blue-silver’ tint to the plate armour using successive layers of silver paint and blue wash (Used ‘Plate Metal’ from Army Painter and old pot of ‘Asurmen Blue’ GW wash for this purpose). I think it’s come out pretty well so far.

Next to basing and finishing off the details, but I’ve also got a cheeky idea for magnetising this beast since I apparently have some kind of fetish for magnetising models.

More on that to come… 🙂



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