Grey Knights Dreadknight – WIP update 3

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Well, I did a bit more on the Nemesis Dreadknight have have now got the chance to update with some pictures.

I’ve separated the model into a few pieces and basecoated the with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal (The pics show the bits of sprue I glued to the various parts to make spraying a little easier).
I’ve also painted some of the darker metal (I used Boltgun Metal paint, and Leadbelcher on other parts) as well as a few of the metal parts, which was a bit more of a detail exercise as to not get red paint on unintended parts. Well, a mistakes were made but that’s how it goes…

Anyhow, I’m quite happy with the results so far and I think its shaping up well. After I’m done with this, Imperial Fists, Necrons, the masses of Orks still left to paint, New Boxed set and then some of the other random models I have (Recently purchased some Reaper Minis that I thought looked cool) then I might get around to creating a Grey Knight contingent for my Fists.

For now though, next I’m considering how to achieve a nice effect on the large amounts of flat plate metal…

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