DooM? Is that you?

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I stumbled onto something tonight, which pleased me greatly.

I have many fond memories of playing old games. DooM is one of them.
I used to play a lot of DooM, many years ago when I had much more free time, but tonight while idly browsing YouTube, I stubled onto a trailer for Brutal DooM v19, and I instantly had the reaction:

DooM is that you meme


I will be playing this post-haste!

Warning! The following trailers contain simulated brutality and are not for pansies, chickens, or those who dont enjoy DooM!


Install Instructions:

There is a handy guide of how to setup and configure Brutal DooM in Steam but the jist of it is this:

-Install DooM using Steam
-Download Brutal DooM
-Download Zandronum
-Install Zandronum (Select Portable install) to your DooM dir, example:
C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonUltimate Doombase
-In ‘base’ dir, rename dosbox.exe to something else (Or delete)
-In base dir, rename zandronum.exe to dosbox.exe
-Extract Brutal DooM WAD file to ‘skins’ dir inside ‘base’ dir
-Play Brutal DooM!

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