Robot bartenders?!

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There is an interesting article over at The Telegraph UK regarding the most effective body language to get served when at a bar.

The researchers, whose work is published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, analysed 105 attempts to order drinks at nightclubs in Bielefeld and Herford in Germany and Edinburgh in Scotland.

They assessed the behaviour of customers 35 seconds before they were served.

They found the most successful tactic, which occurred in 95% of orders, was standing squarely towards the bar with head facing forward.

Its a good read, but I couldn’t help but be especially elated at the part where they noted there is a grant being funded by the European Union to develop a robot bartender…

Robot bartender? Funded by the EU?


Anyhow, the list of things to do in order to get served most effectively are:
-Stand squarely at the bar
-Look directly at the bartender(s)
-Don’t look the menu
-Have your wallet/money in hand
-Apparently, waving at the bartender doesn’t help.

I’ve never really thought about the points listed above, because this is what I normally do anyway, sort of a mix between directness and patience.

Hopefully this will be a better robot than the one they had in Selfridges a few years ago.

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