Yep, I’m getting excited about Halo 4!

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Yes, yes and yes.

I love Halo, the Microsoft Xbox series of computer games, ever since I first heard about it. I enjoy these games immensely mostly because there is such a rich backstory and ‘universe’ of information surrounding the games themselves. There is so much more insight to be gained from digging a little deeper into the games revolving around Master Chief, last survivor of the Spartan soldier program…

As such, now whenever I hear about new Halo games, I get excited, and for every release I get progressively agitated until release. I’ve booked time of work for each release day (Except for Halo: Reach, unfortunately) and picked up my copy at midnight before going home and playing the game all night until either I finish or I get so tired that I can barely hold the controller.

I love the Halo games… and it’s that time again.

When I heard all the way into last year that Halo 4 is coming, I quietly noted the date and busying myself with my life in preparation for the ‘release’. In all fairness, there is been a lot to busy myself with, but anyway… It makes me think back to what got me into Halo.

When the first Halo was announced (And even released), I didn’t own an Xbox, but I managed to ‘borrow’ my friends xbox for 3 weeks and played the game non-stop during that time. I completed it 3 times and loved every moment. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I bought an Xbox soon after this for the purpose of playing Halo and also because Halo 2 was then soon to be released. After that, Halo 3 couldn’t come soon enough for me, while ODST was a nice alternate perspective to the universe but one that I’d seen already through reading the books. The Halo book series, by the way and especially the first ‘The Fall of Reach’, are amazing for fleshing out the universe of this series of games.
Halo: Reach, to my shame, I have still not finsished yet… even despite all my harping about being such a fan of the Halo series, but I know how it ends because its a prequel. I should do that.

Regardless of that, I can feel the excitement inside me growing when I watch this video.
it’s really good.

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