Goodbye Godaddy!

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Ever since I first started this blog, I’ve hosted it on GoDaddy.

At first it wasn’t so bad then as time went on it got slower and slower. This went on for many months and caused a lot of frustration whenever I tried to update my blog. It has come to a head in the last few weeks when I decided enough was enough.

Over the last few months I’ve been running a lot of diagnosis and optimization tools on this humble WordPress site to find out where the hold up was.

The result of this diagnosis showed me that GoDaddy’s database servers are, frankly, rubbish.
Really rubbish. So rubbish it can’t deal with my humble requirements.

How is it that a 2.5MB database can take over 30 seconds to lookup for a simple WordPress blog? It was causing errors and timeout problems with the database and also the WordPress blog itself.

Now I’m not sure how much damage this is done to my blog’s visitors, (in the sense that I may have lost what few of them that I do have) but this is showed me how important it is to have at least a half-decent host behind the scenes.

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