Pilgrimage to Games Day 2011

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This year, I’ve made my first trip to Games Day, an event put on by Games Workshop to celebrate all of their franchises at the NEC in Birmingham. It’s quite a large event, with thousands of people going there to see the latest and greatest that GW have released.

When here, you can buy models (Including Forgeworld and Warhammer Forge models), assemble models, paint, speak to the Games Workshop people who design and make the hobby as well as bring your own armies to play on the epic-sized game boards.

I’m here for the day, travelling with my local GW store, and its there have been some sights to behold in terms of the paining competitions like Golden Demon and Armies on Parade. These are national contests where you bring your own models and get them judged by the GW designers themselves.

This is also a chance to see the latest and greatest that GW have or are releasing. This year, they have announced and showcased ‘Dreadfleet’ which is a game of battleships in the Warhammer fantasy setting. Seeing as I personally don’t play Warhammer Fantasy though, I personally have been waiting for other announcements, like the impending Necron release. So far though, I’ve been a little disappointed that no Necrons have been announced or showcased, although there is some whispers of ‘Project X’. This is especially disappointing because last year they showcased new Dark Eldar models even though these were not available to purchase.

I’m still holding out for Necrons but we’ll see what happens. I’m really interested in starting a Necrons army but there has been a mysterious shortage of Necron models.

(Update: No Necrons, but Games Day pictures in this following post)




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