Holy crap Microsoft – Windows 8 fast bootup!

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, many of you may know that “Windows 8” is on the horizon. I’ve been carefully following the development of the new Microsoft OS and there is something in particular that made me sit up and pay attention about the new release.

“Windows 8” features a new boot up process that is more akin to the current hibernate method of putting your system to sleep, whereby core system runtime is essentially flushed to disk then read back on startup. This apparently dramatically reduces the time for bootup, something everyone I know is always pleased to hear.

Microsoft has recently been putting out some ‘Building Windows 8’ videos on their blog and also on YouTube regarding upcoming features. Here is a demonstation regarding fast boot-up. Please bear in mind, I dont think this is ‘cold boot’, but I think this is their new enhanced version of hibernate.

Still… Holy crap! Check out this vid:

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