How I love Google’s logo-play

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Freddie's 65th Bithday!

Today (As typical of my Monday morning routine) I got up and zombied around at home, came to work somehow navigating the public transport system on autopilot then sat down at my desk and retrieved my laptop from my bag in the kind of smooth motion that comes with long practice.

After booting up and flicking through my morning email while longingly thinking about coffee, I opened Internet Explorer to find the familiar homepage of Google… But it was different, and it usually is.

Today, the Google page had a suspicious-looking ‘play’ button in the logo and I wondered for a moment before tentatively clicking on it.
What happened was quite amazing I thought, the entire logo dancing into a scene seemingly from Freddie Mercury’s wildest dreams (I especially love the 16-bit tiger riding).

At some point I plan to write more about what Google does with their logo but in the meantime, I’m going to get some coffee.
Here is a YouTube vid of it:


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