Get IP List from Pingdom using Powershell

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I write a lot of little scripts to do everyday tasks while I work, and I think I should share some of them. Read the rest of this entry »

The Scientific formula of relationships?

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I recently came across an interesting ‘Infographic’ from over at Happify.
The people at Happify really know what they’re talking about, and its worth checking out for advice and tips on increasing your own wellbeing (Or that of your partner). Read the rest of this entry »

2014 System Upgrades begin!

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CPUQX6850CaptureIts 2014, and that means I’ve begun the long overdue process of upgrading my gaming PC.

First I’ll review the current setup, before looking at recent developments and future purchases. Things have been quite busy in the last few weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Adventures in soldering – Fixed my Xbox 360 wireless adaptor

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Over the weekend I started playing some PC games and decided that it was better to use a game pad.

It was at that point I discovered that my trusty PC wireless adaptor for my Xbox 360 gamepad(s) had stopped working, as in dead. I tried to revive it in every way I could, but I gave up and figured it was a case of fix or buy new. Read the rest of this entry »

New Year 2014

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Well, it’s 2014. Somehow I’m surprised at this, as it seems to have caught up to me unawares like I wasn’t paying for attention.

I’m taking the new year opportunity to look at how well (or not) I’ve done this year. It’s 2013 in review. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghazghkull gets ready for Waaagh

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Ghazzy 01In my recent post about the hobby work I did on my group of Warbosses, lined up in the collection was of course… Ghazghkull.

I actually finished painting him up a few weeks ago, and I’m pleased with the effort I put into him. I was going to post more progress on him but I’ve been very busy recently and so have only just got around to it, while sporadically working on the model.

Ghazzy 02I had some trouble with this model, due to a bad Finecast mould. Read the rest of this entry »

Warbosses and Dreadnoughts!

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I wrote recently about the work I’ve been doing on my band of Warbosses and in particular my Black Reach Warboss, ‘Das Klaw’, who once again outdid himself to earn the hatred of his foes. He earned a paintjob worthy of a Boss. Read the rest of this entry »

Going Dutch – Sinterklaas

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Well here I am again, for the second time, talking to myself about the experience of living in Netherlands.

This time, it’s the seasonal subject of Sinterklaas, which is an interesting one for varying degrees of good and bad. Around this time of year there is an awful lot of discussion about sinterklaas in the Netherlands, which I have observed brings with it either a sense of child-like glee and anticipation or scepticism and suspicion, depending on who you ask.

I’ll try to explain… Read the rest of this entry »

Kyle Bosman describes the ‘Console Wars’

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In the run-up to the latest video game console releases, there is an awful lot of nerd-rage swirling around the internet at the moment regarding which console is better. Read the rest of this entry »