Adventures in soldering – Fixed my Xbox 360 wireless adaptor

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Over the weekend I started playing some PC games and decided that it was better to use a game pad.

It was at that point I discovered that my trusty PC wireless adaptor for my Xbox 360 gamepad(s) had stopped working, as in dead. I tried to revive it in every way I could, but I gave up and figured it was a case of fix or buy new.

After a few Google searches I found an article that professed that the answer to this apparently common issue is a blown fuse on the tiny board within the unit.

So, I got out my trusty soldering iron and took to it, and it worked!

I used a strand of wire stripped from a power cable and it worked a treat to bypass the faulty fuse.

Now I will admit I’m no soldering expert and have no training on the subject, but I’ve fixed quite a few simple things like headphones and small electronics that died. This, however, was fairly easy to do.

After this, I was able to play Dark Souls in wireless bliss. The original article is here. I take no credit for it, but I’ve copied the basic instructions below for preservation.

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