Sony announced PlayStation 4 yesterday

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It’s been rumored for some time, but its now official that the PlayStation 4 is shipping this ‘Holiday Season’, 2013.
There is no specific date or price as yet, but a popular rumor suggests $429 and $529 for 2 versions at launch.

For those who are wondering whats in it:

-AMD 8-core 64-bit x86 “Jaguar” CPU
-Radeon GPU (Apparently AMDs ‘Graphics Core Next’ with 18 compute units, effectively 1152 Radeon cores)
-8GB GDDR5 RAM and
-802.11n WiFi
-HDMI connectivity and (interestingly) legacy AV output

Something I was personally surprised but then happy about is that the PS4 is basically a PC.
This is great news as it will make development much easier if games console games development is aligned with PC development (FYI, Microsofts ‘The Next Xbox’ is rumored to also have a similar x86 AMD CPU).

A couple of videos:

More available on the Youtube channel and Twitter channel as the Sony official site doesn’t mention much yet.

Expect lots of gameplay vids to be released throughout the year.

Over to you, Microsoft… lets see what ‘The Next Xbox’ will bring…

Update: A popular rumor has it that Microsoft is soon to announce an ‘Xbox Event’ to be on April 26, apparently to announce the new Xbox.

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