New Year & New Life

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Well, its 2013.

I feel like I’d just got used to 2012 and now here I am a whole year later…
So many things have happened in the last twelve months, and I can already see so much more will happen throughout 2013, so much so that I’m writing this to solidify some of my goals and review some things I wanted to do.

So, down to business.

In 2012:

Moved countries and started a new job. This was a major development for me and really changed my life in a profound way. It’s not been all good, as I’m now an effective days travel from my friends and family, but I’ve not let that discourage me. It’s been a real journey of discovery for me and I’ve pushed myself to learning and accept as much of the different (And often odd) new way of living.

Learning new language and skills. I’ve also started learning the local language (Dutch aka Nederlands) and I’m doing well but I’m really getting to the edge of what I can usefully learn without professional help, so I’m going to need to get real Dutch lessons soon I think.

I also started a new 40k Army (Necrons) and updated more of my Imperial Fist Space Marines (Although to be fair most of my Imp Fist progress has been in the last 2 months of the year). This is definitely something I want to change, and I’d really like to finish the army and get stuck into my Necrons, which still sit in boxes, haunting me with their emotionless robotic visages.

Didn’t update the blog as much as I wanted. Something else I want to improve, and when I think about it I still have not put any real pics of my armies up. This should be much easier now though, as I recently bought a display cabinet for my models to be proudly displayed. And I’ve had a much better camera the last few months. The inspiration for this was from this tutorial, originally from this forum thread. Pics up soon hopefully, when I get the lights and extra shelves.

Onto 2013:

Firstly, 40k! I really want to game more and get my armies painted this year. I’ve set a focused goal to get my Space Marines painted, with the goal of displaying them in my new case. 🙂 Necrons are next, as well as my favorite, the Orks! Dakka Jet incoming!
As for gaming more, late last year I had a few games with the guys at GW Den Haag. Good guys there and I want to keep it going. I’ve also wondered about gaming clubs throughout Netherlands, but when I researched into this a few months ago, I didn’t get far. Most clubs were far away from Den Haag.

Blog updates, and pictures. More pictures! Of minis! And stuff!
I’ve also been thinking for the last year about how to improve me painting, and have been thinking about an airbrush. The main problem with this plan is that I know nearly nothing about airbrushes and have even less experience so its going to be research research research!

Weight loss and healthier living. After a very unhealthy Christmas period, I’m ready to get fitter for summer.


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