Yikes! Don’t drop your new iPhone 4S!

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Found this video online, courtesy of SquareTrade, an insurance company (oddly enough!).
In the video at the bottom, they’ve dropped an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy S2.

This stood out to me because ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy S2, I’ve been afraid of dropping it.
My fear is mostly because the phone is so light and thin that it just doesn’t have that ‘reassuringly solid’ feeling of my older iPhone 3GS.

When I bought it within days I’d been out to get a tough case that I could feel safe that I could drop it from a good height (waist or shoulder level) without breaking it. Recently though, I’ve found that I’ve been carrying it around without a case, and I’m getting closer to buying the of the official samsung case, which is pretty slick and thin, but also gives it that ‘grippy’ feeling I’m after.

Still, this video makes me feel a bit better:

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