Painting Guide: How I do rusted metal

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I’ve recently been catching up on painting my Orks, while I maintain a stoic discipline of resisting buying more models (Battlewagon! Battlewagon!).

During this time, I’ve been practising some of painting techniques that I’ve gotten a little rusty at (Pun not intended). This time, I’ve been practising a simple method of rusted metal that I thought I’d share for both my own record and for anyone else who might care to see it.

As per my own painting style, its a simple method that I find produces a nice result.
Since conceiving this article, I’ve since found an article that uses a similar method here.

So, Step 1, I to undercoat the model or area black. This model in the pic is an Ork Deffkopta Blade that I’ve basecoated with original GW Chaos Black spray.






Onto Step 2, I cover the entire model with Tin Bitz. The reason for this is to give a dark ‘metally’ base that you can exploit later. I have experimented with using other colours at this point like Bubonic Brown, but I find that Tin Bitz maintains a better rusted metal ‘look’ afterwards.





In Step 3, I (quite aggressively) drybrush Boltgun Metal onto the desired area or model. The result is that the dark metal underneath shows through and gives a nice recessed brown effect.





An (optional) Step 4, is to use some watered down Bubonic Brown in the recesses to give a caked on dirty effect. A wash of Devlan Mud also works quite well. I dont have any pics of this step, but I will try to rustle some up.

I hope this is been of help to someone.

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