The dilema of a new phone & Google Sync!

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A few weeks ago now, my iPhone was lost (Or stolen, not really sure).

Anyway, since that time I’ve been using my backup phone, a HTC Touch Pro.
If I’m honest, using my old phone has been a real test of my patience and tolerance. I’m reminded of the saying, often spoken, that ‘once you get broadband, you cant go back to dial-up’. It is so true.
This phone uses a resistive touch screen, and by todays standards, not a great one either. It was tolerable then, even borderline ‘good’ (for the time), but now it feels like a chore to use after my experience of the smoothness of the iOS interface. Menu’s jerk, gestures don’t register and (more annoyingly) the device is NOT INTUITIVE.

But I digress…

The reason for this update is not only to keep the blog going but also to take down my reflections of the difference between this phone and my now missing iPhone. Also, I’d like to make a mention of how having a good contact sync allowed me to switch to my old phone without any fuss.

I use Google Sync via ActiveSync (Microsoft’s Exchange standard protocol) for syncing to Google.
This gives me instant sync of my contacts, calendar and of course, email to my movile device. It also means that if my phone is lost of stolen, if the phone is remotely wiped or destroyed then I never lost my contacts, which for some reason a lot of people still have not got their heads around. I still get facebook messages or emails reading “Lost my phone and all my contacts, please let me know your contact details”.

Really? Haven’t we got past this by now?

Anyway, if you use Google Mail, you should use Google Sync, here.

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