Something to remember for 2017

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Today and for the last few weeks, so early into the new year, by personal experiences I’ve been reminded what’s currently wrong with the world.

Quite simply, people are very used to being dicks to each other.

I feel as though we (Currently) live in a world where people must feel a sense of power, safety and group reassurance by tearing other people down. There is a sickening sense of group satisfaction with watching others burn, while surrounding ourselves with others who seek the same approval. The result is an assumed approval through lack of critical dissent. We surround ourselves with our facebook and twitter feeds, tumblr blogs and Instagram subscriptions. All of these are curated by us to hide things that challenge and offend us, we surround ourselves with agreement, regardless of borders or distance.

This is the gift of modern technology and social media.

Something else I’m talking about are some real examples of the interesting times we live in (At the time I’m writing this). Right now, the UK recently officially decided to leaving the EU and Donald Trump more recently became President of the United States of America. Yet these two facts do not bring a sense of realisation to those watching this, like a bucket of ice-water to the face should. Not enough people are genuinely questioning their own behaviour.

There are some obvious truths in the world that we all know:
– Conservatives are not racist xenophobes.
– Muslims are not terrorists.
– Men are not monsters.
– Women are not weak.
– People do not need to do what you say.
– People do not need to respect your safe space.
– People do not need to use your pronouns.
– People do not need to support your life choices.
– People do not need to support your health choices.

Yet plastered across social media networks these messages are prevalent. Sometimes to be funny, provocative, rude, nasty or just plain cruel. It does nobody any good.

So if you care to read this and think about it, remember this:

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but respect their views/opinions/religion/beliefs.

You don’t have to be nice to people around you…
…you don’t have to do what they say or think as they do…
…but you should respect their views as their own…
…because the day comes when they are the ones who get to choose your future.

Some TED talks that came to my mind covering this sort of thing:


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