Dark Souls – Play to learn patience

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I must admit, I have a weird fascination with fiendishly hard video games that I can’t shake.

I seem to fail time after time to with the determination that I will persevere enough to gain the skill and insight to overcome the obstacle. In the last decade this has been with all sorts of games. Simple games such as Trials HD, Geometry Wars and such as well as more sophisticated games like Burnout 3 and even playing FPS games on nightmare difficulty.

Still, I think it really started many years ago playing NES games which were pretty much all brutally difficult, even the innocent-looking ones like Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Batman and Ghosts & Goblins.

Suffice to say, those see the games I remember fondly, the ones that pushed me mentally and left my fingers aching.
Now, I’ve discovered Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is a adventure where the game mechanics are quite refined, to a point where your success or failure really boils down to your play-style and also your ability to stay alert and not become complacent. The game will often seem extremely peaceful and almost picturesque until SPLAT!


You will see those 2 words a lot. Really, a lot, at least at first.

But its not there to discourage you or to rub it in that you have failed, but it appears more to give you an opportunity to think about why you died. It leaves you in a position that you either improve to survive, or die a lot without thinking why and how it happened. This is no run and gun, although, if you’re good enough you can make rapid progress.

I hate Dark Souls.

I also cant wait to play Dark Souls 2.

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