Farewell Boxee Plex is better – RasPlex also

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Well, its official, I’ve finally dropped Boxee after a long time of dragging them along with me.

It almost hurts me to say it, but Boxee missed a real opportunity with their fans that other projects embrace…

yes, I’m talking about Plex, which is single-handedly taken my home media experience to the next level. I say this after nearly a year of using Plex full-time as a solution and watching it get better in that time.

Boxees fall from grace?
Well, it became obvious that they forgot where they came from and who supported them to start with, and they instead wanted corporate fame. Current recent announcement confirms also that Boxee has officially been purchased by Samsung.

It all started a long time ago when the Boxee Box (Which I was really looking forward to) was being released.

After nearly a year of delay, it finally arrived, at the expense of the Desktop application which made them so popular to begin with. By that time many people (Myself included) had become disillusioned with the lack of updates and fixes to their application and had begun to look elsewhere already. The disparity between the Boxee Box and the desktop application was clear as day, and Boxee had made it clear that the Boxee Box was the only way to go for their fans… Even those who were not ready.

I remember voicing my concerns on the Boxee Forums all those years ago, only to be shouted down as a heretic by the Boxee community who doggedly followed them. I was one of them too, at one point. I believed in Boxee, but now I know better.

So, Plex then?
Yes, Plex! It works so well and has a clean and consistent interface that works across all my devices and platforms. The platforms that I use are Windows, Android and I have recently discovered RasPlex, which is still in alpha but I have running on my ‘release’ Raspberry Pi and works as my bedroom media center. Besides this Plex runs on a whole bunch of things from iOS, Windows Phone to Google TV and there is even a Windows 8 native Metro App.

This is the variety of platform choice and ecosystem that I wish Boxee would have attempted to achieve, but they have gone in their own different direction.

In future I hope to talk some more about my Media Center and Media Server configurations, and how I use Plex in my own way, but for now I’ll leave this with a couple of YouTube vids I found.



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