MS Surface is coming… Pricing released.

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Long story short, coming 26th October 2012, Microsoft Surface.
As Quoted here:

The Surface is now available to pre-order in the UK with prices starting at £399, matching Apple’s cheapest iPad.

Two other SKUs of the Surface available: £479 gets you the 32GB model but with a Touch Cover, and £559 doubles the storage to 64GB also with a Touch Cover.

The Surface Pro is expected to arrive early in 2013.

Microsoft’s Type Cover in black costs £109.

US pricing has also been announced.
Quoted from here:

Second, and perhaps more importantly, we now know the US price of the ARM-powered Surface tablet:
$499 (£310) for the 32GB model without the keyboard Touch Cover,
$599 (£372) for the 32GB with the Touch Cover,
and $699 (£435) for the 64GB model with Touch Cover.

Pre-orders are available on Microsofts store.

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves:

Something else Impressive is that apparently Microsoft is put aside $1.5 billion for Surface advertising and have apparently ordered between 4 and 5 million for production in 4Q12.
To put that in perspective, that is around the same amount as Apple with the first iPad, and Amazon with the Kindle/Kindle Fire.

Lasly, some evidence of where that $1.5 billion is going.
Some impressive viral and street advertising:

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