Raspberry Pi – I WANT YOU SO BAD!

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There are no words to explain my recent muted excitement over the past few months regarding the coming release of the Raspberry Pi board.

But why is this a big deal?

Basically, it is a credit-card sized ARM-SoC-based board that is capable of amazing relative graphical trickery such running full 1080p video or playing Quake3.

I want one, maybe 2, for my uses.
What’s the big deal about this to me? Well its a fully programmable board for a start, secondly, its a lot of power in a small package and third because its dirt cheap! Dirt cheap as in it will cost somewhere in the region of £25 for the full board as pictured on this page.

The possiblities are not limitless but I envision having a dumb linux terminal, kitchen PC, media center and/or dev box at low cost.

Tech Specs

Technical spec details of the Raspberry Pi are available on Raspberry’s site / FAQ  as well as Wikipedia and XBMC’s wiki.

Possible uses?

Media Center?
Simple workstation/Thin client?
Kitchen PC?
Home automation platform?
Low power server?
Car PC?

Where can I get one?

In the UK, the Raspberry Pi is available at Element 14 and RS Online.
At the time of writing this, they are out of stock and you can register your interest.

Lots of cool videos below:

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