Let them eat cake!

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I like cake. Those that know me, will know that. 🙂

But more importantly I’m a strong believer that should people be allowed and given the choice to do what they want, that the vast majority of the time people will do the right thing or at least TRY the things that society/religion deems socially unacceptable/immoral. I don’t like to consider people to be stupid, at least not until they prove themselves to be stupid. Of course there are some OBVIOUS exceptions to my utopian view of society; People should not force or hurt each other.

With that in mind, why then are some things illegal or considered so immoral as to be offensive?
Some of the things that fall under this umbrella are alcohol laws, drug laws and even the way an individual chooses to dress.

It seems to me that this boils down to the political agendas of a few and the influence of the (Usually local) media.
I’m not trying to spin a web of conspiracy (Even though conspiracy cannot be ruled out completely) but the fact remains that because of how human beings are inherently tribal, there are a multitude of nations, countries, religions, races, borders and many other divisions that can be observed as examples of how one society can be so different in its views to another. We’ve all seen it, travelled to another country and inadvertently offended a local because we quite simply didn’t understand the local customs, traditions or mindset.

Why is it that standing on one side of a completely artificial line/border means that you can drink at the age of 18 and why can you take certain drugs without being arrested? Why is it that in certain societies, even wearing your skirt a little shorter will cause a woman to be shunned? Why is it that legalising a drug would be more of a political move by a politician in one country, but something that is just common sense in another? Of course it would take far too long to reason through all the reasons for this, and whether they are justified or not, but too often I’ve heard people preach their own opinions as ‘what should be the way it is’. The practicality of opinion is something that varies quite profoundly also which doesn’t help (My own opinions included here).

I guess what I’m ultimately trying to get at here is that when you travel, you see that things can be different. Not right or wrong, better or worse… But plain different and can be no other way when considered within the boundaries of the time and place. The problems appear to arise when opinions are pressed onto others, instead of allowing them their own choice. But that’s just my opinion on it.

So, I say, let them eat cake.
Everybody likes cake right?

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