Building a Media Center – Essentials

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I’ve just moved house and in my new place I’ll soon be building a new Media Center. I was thinking about it, and thought it might be useful for others if I documented the process that I use for building my own home Media Center experience.

As of this moment I still have no home Internet connection. I’m promised that in a week it will be working so writing and updating has been a case of making updates via my phone (Which I have been very impressed with thus far).

Some of this may change a little but there are a few basic topics I’ll do my best to cover over a series of articles:

Build/Buy PC:
-Configuring PC

Choose and Install Operating System:
-Things to consider
-Windows, Mac or Linux?

Install Drivers & Codecs:
-XP specific issues
-Vista specific issues
-Windows 7 specific issues

Install Media Center Application (Optional):
-Windows Media Center
-Media Portal
-Other available solutions and related projects

Install & Setup any additional software and scripts:
-Auto-login of MCE user
-Install Boxee-Integration or XBMC-Integration

Location and organisation of Media:
-This will be covered in another article (There are too many possibilities)

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