Openbook – An interesting facebook people watcher

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Today, I read an article and that referenced a link to Openbook.
The author of this was very much describing some of the reasons he hated facebook.

I found it to be one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a long time, in that it aggregates and searches… facebook updates!
Yes, that’s right! You can search for the any word or phrase that takes your fancy! Even search your name and see who mentions your name in facebook updates.

Although at first it seems like a whimsical and useless tool, it became apparent to me that this is an excellent tool for people watching.

When not engaged in something, I spend much of my ‘thinking time’ wondering about how modern life compares to its traditional equivalents, because of course everything we do is rooted in the history of something else (I defy anyone to find something that’s not ‘based’ on something that has come before). This is usually when commuting, travelling or otherwise waiting for something that requires me to wait. Recently I’ve started using that time to update this blog.

In this instance what became apparent to me was that this site allows anyone to ‘people watch’ facebook updates, seeing as facebook appears to have become an outlet for peoples thoughts and communications with friends. I did a few searches and dug up some very interesting updates when just searching for my name. Also, on many occasions I was once again deeply saddened at how much the fight for good grammar is a losing battle.

These are literally quoted and this is all public:

  • Kloe Albert – Ooooo! 1 new friend request.. 0 mutual friends. Sorry Mujhummad AbdullahKareem from baghda.. fuckk off mate !!
  • Red Georges – I heart Wikipedia…….’Kareem Michael McKenzie (born May 24, 1979) is literally human garbage for the New York Giants …’
  • Kareem A. Levingston – Yes I Be “KAREEM” Y U Hoes Steady Asken Lol “Hoes Be Talken Bout Me”,”Aint Nun New”
  • Prettyy Graa Nayy – upp ; cantt qo tu sleep causee i haventt heardd your voicee sincee ths morninqq causee i k.o’d wen i camee homee frum sku..anywayss im soo happyy wee backk tuqethaa eventhouqhh we weree onlyy brokee upp fa likee ah dayy or 2<3 Kareem Gucci Williams ❤

That last one was truly soul destroying for me.

Still, interesting stuff!

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